by 9572AD

The Game:

Join the original tomb raider on his quest to pillage the treasures of King Tut -- for archaeological study, of course. If you can avoid being poisoned or mauled by the indiginous wildlife, you may find your fame and fortune as the exhumer of the golden mask of Tutankham*N!

The Team:

  • 9572AD -- everything and nothing

The Files:

This project is currently on hold.
  • Bitch Ad -- a play on the infamous John Romero / Ion Storm / Daikatana ad, but promoting Tutankham*N, done up as a joke by request for an electronic magazine of reviews of other remakes. Then it wasn't used. Thumbnail(68K) will refresh your memory. Read all the fine print in its Full(868K) 'glory'.

arcade title screen
remake WIP crypt1 screen arcade crypt1 screen
arcade crypt2 screen
arcade crypt3 screen
arcade crypt4 screen
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