by 9572AD
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The Game:

Pong + Ikaruga = Ikaponga!
This absurd amalgamation, first envisaged by 'Moomin', was finally brought to fruition for a Pong-type game making mini-competition. Not bad for 4 days' effort, if I do say so myself.
  • The numbers on the playfield are your respective scores -- first to 1000 wins the match!
  • The number in your wall represents your energy storage level. Store energy by 'eating' balls of the same color with your wall, but be sure to deflect balls of the opposite color!
  • If an opposite color ball gets through, you lose an energy level and your opponent scores 10 points.
  • If an opposite color ball gets through when your energy is zero, your opponent scores 100 points!
  • Click the left mouse button to switch polarity at any time, but when you switch you will fire off all your energy in the form of more balls!
  • Your paddle can change the trajectory of same-color balls it deflects.
  • Balls of opposing color to your paddle are deflected with increased force.

The Team:

  • 9572AD -- Yep, just me. It's only a Pong-type game.

The Files:

arcade Pong
gameplay screen 1 by Moomin
gameplay screen 2 arcade Ikaruga
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