ThreeeDeep Reeemake
by 9572AD
remake WIP title screen

The Game:

ThreeeDeep was a joint effort of Parker Brothers and SEGA to make a sequel to Frogger for home gaming consoles and computers. It was released for the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Colecovision, and Commodore64 by Parker Brothers as 'Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!', but the other ports to PC and Apple][ by SEGA were titled 'Frogger II: Three Deep'. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) the team at Parker Brothers was responsible for the concept and design, so I prefer the spelling with the extra 'e' as the official title.
ThreeeDeep was the first sequel to Frogger, and, to me, the only one that feels like a true sequel. Yet, you've likely never heard of it. Why? Simply, it wasn't all that good, and was quickly forgotten or repressed by gamers.
The most prominent problem with the game was its timing and technology. ThreeeDeep arrived at a time when a multi-screen game meant that when you beat the first screen, you played a different screen next. A game where the screens were linked in progression was very rare, and ThreeeDeep's screens were confusing, as each section looked like its own separate level. Also, each of ThreeeDeep's screens is almost entirely only dodging or targeting, making these 'levels' less interesting than Frogger's multifaceted screen.
Game flow in ThreeeDeep was designed so that the further you progress in a level, the less likely you are to be penalized with a lost life. Unfortunatey, this also means that the first screen is where you are the most likely to die. The first screen's randomly changing current also had no indicator of its direction, adding to your likelihood to perish there, and compounding the game's levels of frustration and confusion.
So, why remake it? It is my hope that by simply adding a smooth transition between areas to reinforce the game flow and a visual indication of the current flow, I can transform this title from confusing and frustrating to fun. Then Frogger will finally have the sequel it deserved.

The Team:

  • 9572AD -- redesign, programming, art, sound, procrastination
  • infamous -- music
  • Testers: TokranePo, Nonlinear, Ian Price, Havard

The Files:

This project is on hold. It needs to be reworked from the ground up.

PC version title screen
remake WIP underwater screen PC version underwater screen
remake WIP surface screen PC version surface screen
remake WIP sky screen PC version sky screen
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