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*>review of Warblade
-Hey, look! I'm a reviewer! Tremble before my indomitable simile! (They're both brands of vacuum cleaner, if you didn't know.)
-Hey, look! I'm a reviewer again! XBox 360 Live Community Games reviews
  barely functional/
-a remake/amalgamation of Pong and Ikaruga.
-Status: Complete! Version 1.0.

  ancient abandoned WIPs/
ThreeeDeep Reeemake/ 
-a remake of the 1984 SEGA / Parker Brothers(now Hasbro) home game Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!
-Status: On hold. Needs reworking from the ground up.

-a remake of the 1982 Konami / Stern(now Midway) arcade game Tutankham
-Status: On hold. Needs reworking from the ground up.

abandoned WIP pile/
-the fastest growing section. They never even got a page of their own
-not a real e-mail link. 9572ad.syent.com is close. Replace one of the dots with a '@'. You know which one.
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